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It’s simple my encounter with I.W.G has been absolutely phenomenal.

Each time that I have had the opportunity to be blessed to be in Ms. Dee presence. It’s like the first time, repeating itself all over again.

Which, is nothing less than a ground breaking experience from day one. Because of Ms. Dee warm and welcoming spirit. I’ve ALWAYS felt right at home. When I’ve allowed myself to be vulnerable and speak my heart to her.


Ms. Dee is bomb if I must say so. Moreover, I.W.G is nothing short then simply amazing in its on right.

Since, having full exposer to I.W.G my life has transformed for the greater good! I’m honored and proud to say that I was inspired as a mother of ten now, eleven. Yes, I said eleven. God is good🙌🏽 LOL 😂 to finish what I had started. Which, was to complete college and I’m ecstatic 🤩 to give you guys the “Praise Report” that I did just that in May of 2017. Can you believe that? Well, I can, because God is Endless..


That’s just the beginning of how Ms. Dee and I.W.G (Inspiring Women’s Greatness) has played an instrumental piece in my puzzle 🧩 of life.


Thank you Ms. Dee and I.W.G you guys ROCK‼️


I.W.G Member since 2013

~Araina Sha-Nee❣️

Iwg have been nothing but a blessing from God and another way that shows just how much he love me to send Ms.Dee to me and for me to see that because at first I didn’t . I remember when I first met Ms. Dee I use to say to myself why this lady always asking me to call in on this line and one day I finally called the number And the message she gave was so powerful it was like she knew me and like she was talking directly to me and I can remember God speaking to me saying I’m trying to get something to you it’s not her asking you to call in or to pray it’s me guiding you to something that’s going to help you go higher and he said stay connected with IWG. And just by me having a Yes in my spirit by saying yes I will call in Yes I will pray was just a way of him to take me out of my comfort zone and move me up a lil higher in what he has already called for me to do. I thank God for Iwg and Ms Dee because I know she hears from God and when she ask someone to pray or speak or read a scripture or read announcements she’s not asking just cause she need your help she’s asking you because God have showed her something that’s in you. it’s to help get you to do what you are suppose to be already doing . Ms Dee have pushed me alot and I needed that push. I thank her for not giving up on me even when She see me backing off she calls she texts hey what’s wrong get don’t give up don’t give in keep going and we all need a Ms Dee and a IWG in our life

Tracey Hill. Member since 2016

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